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Te Wero Bridge

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(in your best colonel Klink voice)






“There are a number of challenges with the replacement of the Wynyard Crossing bridge. The most significant is our ability to complete the connection by the time the America’s Cup starts,” said Panuku’s Development Director, Allan Young.

“It may feel like we’re pushing pause on progress, but we want to ensure that what is built is going to be of the highest quality and design innovation.

We want to make a positive and memorable contribution to Auckland’s city centre and waterfront by giving Aucklanders something they can be proud of,” said Young.

By pushing pause now and continuing to progress the project while the resource consent application is being processed, we’re going to be in a much stronger position to hit fast forward again once the America’s Cup and APEC have finished.

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Does that photo mean that those things rotate?  If so, I can just imagine someone being a bit toooo close and getting the rig caught.  Or, being as it is likely designed by someone that doesn't inhabit this mortal plane, trying to open in a rip-snorter NE - and failing/falling/being too unsafe to walk on.....


Panuku - bringing the city down.

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Correct, another Panuku cock up, taking from the poor Westhaven boaties and funding this sort of nonsense designed by someone without practical waterfront experience, of course it is now on the backburner even though was promised to be 90% built off site . I believe they may have had trouble getting someone to operate the temp crossing whilst this was being installed...

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