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2 blade folding prop had its day

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Prop speed the shaft, but not the anode - it won’t work of covered in prop speed.


To make the prop speed stick, you need to key the surface, ie. make it rough by sanding the surface, which will be bad news for the nice shiny surface.

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Neil C . How simple, I could have thought of that!

Matte . Interesting about the anode. Hopefully the mussels will get spun off! Yes the gloss is going.

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I've just got a new [ well old!] boat - another Lotus 9.2, The old one was written off in the

last Auckland storm. However, this boat has a Yanmar saildrive, [ SD20] with a Briski

geared 2-blade folding prop. The propwalk is huge! The boat will NOT go to port in

reverse no matter what I do.

The last boat had a shaft drive, and I fitted a kiwiprop- just a little propwalk and it worked

well. So - hull shape etc is the same, but the boat is really difficult to manoeuvre in reverse.

Anyone else with this problem? Any solutions? - apart from lashing out and buying a new prop?

-or - is it the saildrive - do they all have propwalk.

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Thanks for the replies. I've tried to contact Briski, but no reply.

Had some more practice today and some improvement in my skill,

but what certainly doesn't help is the fact that when you hit

reverse,  nothing happens, unless you hit at least 2500 revs.

I guess that's the problem with folders against feathering, the trailing

edge becomes the leading edge, which is not very efficient.

Might be back to kiwiprop, which is what I had on the last 9.2

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