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Ahh, got it thx! The boundary lines are only visible on certain base maps that I hadn't explored.

When I use the location and toggle between maps and the Google earth program I use for navigating the error on the day is the same... logical I suppose. But that error can often bearound or up to 6 metres. Which of course might mean it's 3 metres away or none or 6 metres.

Which is just another little beware reminder about GPS and micro managing your actual position when on the water and threading the reefs. Oh Yadua,what a clench you were.

Anyway , as I said earlier, using maps for the peg location plus eyeballing the error on the day relative to a known peg position was useful, found all sorts of little surprises hidden in the punga.

Be a dam site easier if that crew orger with the 150k gps theodelite thingy would just come and visit.

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