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There’s a Newick in Whangarei that i’ve Looked at, very tidy. Not sure of performance but it’s a cool looking boat. On TM still been on for a while so possibly negotiable.

Krisis is probably for sale panmure boating club should know. A quick older tri that has had cruising additives

Blaydon Racer is a Young trimaran withe twin masts called a Sketch and was built using West System in Tauranga by the late Dooley Wilson for his son Nick Wilson who still lives in Tauranga on Devonpor

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The C34 you linked to looks a nice example. One advantage of the C 34 is that it folds flat to 3.8 meters beam, so you could keep it in a standard mono marina berth.  A quick look online suggests they are well thought of but firmly in the fast cruiser category performance wise - A bit like the F36. The price drop on that? Well the market is pretty stale at the moment as you've no doubt noticed. If it passed a survey would have to be a good buy assuming someone wanted a boat that large.


For something a bit quicker/cheaper; Trilogy would have to be a consideration - but not much in the way of an interior.


My boat (Mysterex) is a Graeme Delaveau designed Nicky Cruz 25.

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Hi Greg, thanks for your reply, your boat looks lovely and I really like the colour scheme, reminds me of an Italian sports car...nice.


Those Aussie tris (Trilogy, Hasta la Vista) are pretty tasty looking aren't they?  Seem to be out and out race boats though and that's intimidating for me, whilst I'm keen to get into a bit of casual racing (if there's such a thing) I reckon those boats would be a real handful for a multi noob like me.  Plus the upkeep of the go fast gear I suspect would be pretty dear.


The F36 is more to my liking, and with the price drop she's on my radar now.  I can't imagine the boat will hang around for too long at that price though.


You're bang on about the C34 being cruisier, it was marketed as a C34SC (Sports Cruiser) and appears to have been built to compete with the Corsairs and Dragonflys, which didn't go so well for them unfortunately.  Apparently though, in the right conditions and sailed well it could keep up with the F/C 31s, although that does seem a bit hopeful to me.  What I like about them is they appear to have a very generous freeboard and the floats have something like 200% bouyancy, so I'd assume they are a bit drier than other tris, and maybe a bit more forgiving of a ham fisted driver.  Being a folder is a "nice to have" I think, although I do prefer the in plane fold rather than the Farrier style from the perspective of leaving the boat folded in the water for a bit.   

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Trilogy is a great boat, but I would rather have the Contour for cruising I think. The F 36 is pretty much a go anywhere boat. I think the aft cabin on this one would provide some much needed privacy if cruising with kids or another couple. Either boat will cruise along at very respectable speeds in any sort of breeze without drama.

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