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Anyone heard of this? Finsulate. New hull protection system

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It's interesting, but lots of unanswered questions on the website. It alludes to a performance drop, but gives no figures. Also i couldn't find any information on how easy it is to remove and reapply, or how to dispose of or recycle the film.


Will be interesting to see how it develops.

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It's been available for a couple of years now. They won their first award back in 2014. You need to look at the Brand name it is sold under.
It is a self adhesive film that is applied like a wrap. But I have no idea of cost. Plus it has a life span which is a little hard to predict, but ruffly 5yrs. Then it has to be removed and new applied. While it does not contain toxins re the Antifouling, the issues to consider is disposal of the plastic protective film it comes with, the disposal of the actual film after 5yrs or so and the possibility of film coming off into the Ocean as it gets close to removal time.
It also targets Shell Fish only. Not weed or slime.

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