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SSANZ Lewmar Triple Series

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Freedom got a great start at the pin along with String Theory and Exodus. Went well all the way down to browns island with Attitude catching fast.  String theory dropped their kite after browns with

It was a great sight to see this impressive looking fleet as we cruised past Navy Buoy.

Here is how Island Time's day went.   We left Gulf Harbour about 7:30am - a bit later than expected, not ideal. it was gusting over 40 at Tiri, so went out with deep reefed main and a working jib si

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we bought boat up from tga over the weekend. one thing i cant find is Navy bouy. where is it and what does it look like.

as we went past tiri on saturday was looking through tiri channel but couldnt see anything . thank u

They are the old navy de-gaussing bouys, to stop warships attracting magnetic mines.

There are two of them. The outer (eastern) one is used as a race mark. But don't quote me that is the case for this race.

They are yellow, with a small post and a X on top.


Located close to the Penninsular (western) shore, at the southern end of the channel.

My chart software shows one and a no fishing, no anchoring zone on large scale chart, and two with yellow light sequences on small scale chart,

Position given at 36 deg 36.922'S 174 deg 50.653' E


I saw them on Thursday, so I'd be surprised if they aren't there now.

Note, all care, no responsibility with the lat and long, but the description of where they are is correct. The best game during the race is seeing who goes around which one, who isn't sure and goes around both and who misses the one thats a mark and goes around the other one.

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Yes outer marker is all you need to round, however a few will do both

You won’t see them until your a lot closer than you will be expecting.


139 entries at last look for first race so far, entries are to close tonight if you haven’t already entered then do it now

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thank you. me and the wife are really looking forward to series. will be interesting for the first few genaker hoists and drops as we've had no practice at it lol.this is our first outing on this boat 2 handed racing. plenty of cruising though.first race will hopefully give us an indication of what systems we need to change as we would love to do round north island in the future.

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Can't wait! We'll be live streaming the starts on the SSANZ Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ssanz.inc/ so if you're not one of the 147 boats entered you can watch the carnage action on the start line from the comfort of home. If you don't do Facebook it is a public page so you shouldn't need a log in or you can view it from the SSANZ website plug in on the home page: https://www.ssanz.co.nz/


Then you can view progress throughout the race with the PredictWind Tracker, again found on the SSANZ website or download the app. 

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