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Ran Tan ll epirb activated

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From Northland Radio

SV RAN TAN II has activated its EPIRB and transmitted DSC HF radio distress call at 30305 UTC.


Position 08 34.1N 127 59.9W


I was notified by another vessel in the Northern Pacific, and I contacted JRCC HONOLULU.


Distress related to KEEL FAILURE



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1800nm to Hawaii

1400 to Mexico

1300 to Nuka Hiva

Couldn’t find a worse place possibly

I’ve heard that the keel has come loose, and the yacht is a loss, boats not far away and crew of 3 will be picked up

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From Ran Tan ll Facebook page


Many thanks to everyone for your concerns and support.


It has been a busy afternoon.


Key points at this stage are that the crew is onboard Ran Tan, safe and fully trained and equipped to handle the situation. The weather in the area is relatively mild, and expected to remain that way for some time. The appropriate authorities are actively coordinating the next steps.


More when we can.

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I assume they are on the leg between the Marquesas and LA?


"We are going to do it in several stages," he said. "Firstly, we will head for Tahiti, which should take about 10 to 11 days with three of us on board. Then a few more of the crew will turn up to do the Tahiti Pearl Regatta, which should be a bit of fun.

"Following that, we will sail up to Rangiroa Atoll and then onto the Marquesas Islands. Once we get there I am going to fly home but three of the crew will take her up to LA, a 2800 mile journey which should take them about three weeks, arriving sometime in the beginning of June.”

As all sailors know well, the weather plays a big part in planning these sorts of trips and best laid plans almost always come unstuck. Initially it looked like the weather would be unsuitable for departure on Saturday but he is now due to depart his Westhaven berth at noon on Saturday.

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