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Just a country trying to defend itself against invaders and it is far better than shooting them as they come ashore.   Harsh call for sure but then for the vast majority life is just that, harsh.

It's really easy to criticise a Country's immigration policies (US, Italy, Aust) when you live in NZ, with thousands of miles of ocean between you & the several million (or billion) people that wa

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These are people humans with all the same bits and pieces as you and me but with significantly less of life’s options escaping insufferable conditions and you think it is morally legitimate to abandon them at sea because they have not adhered to immigration processes and filled out the appropriate forms.

Crikey we all are or were immigrants at some stage of our historical cultural existences and rather than offer up the kind hand of humanity to others in dire need we build walls and seek to exclude and harm those that require help.

I am lost for words.

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Would like to think if my kids were starving and there was no food to be had and my country had been bombed back to the dark ages to provide cheap oil to someone else I would have the courage to set out on a perilous journey to save my kids. Scarpering is smart if you want to survive.

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Would like to think I wouldnt abandon my country and I would stay and fight the evil. Its what we do. (Wouldnt have the money to be able to leave anyway) This scarpering is not the western way.

Think you'll find borders and other such artificial boundaries are fairly much western concepts, especially in the context of Africa. The 'Great War' was over a century ago now vic008, and I've never heard such a load of brainwashing bollocks about a war being 'Great', or where exactly the honour is in dieing for King and Country. I take it that is where you are getting your notion of not abandoning your country from?


And, as for staying and fighting, taking lets say Yemen for example, how do you fight Saudi jets with US supplied precision guided bombs? When you and your kids are starving and dieing from diarrhea, you aren't really in a position to fight foreigners using high tech weapons against you. I think the US euphemistically call it "Asymmetrical Warfare". The pragmatic thing to do, if you want to survive, would be to pick your kids up in your arms, and starting putting one foot in front of the other, until you are out of dodge...or in Italy as the case may be.

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Natural disasters and wars cause people to scarper.  I live in Christchurch, plenty of people scarpered when we had an Earthquake, let alone a war.  


Go work in a war zone before throwing stones, you will change your mind.  Bloody forum has gone too far here.  There was a guy in Germany who had similar views.  

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