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Kevin McCready

Haul out - stuck in the cradle

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Depends on the shape of your hull and the distance between the arms at the bottom. You require the right width at deck level not the top of the arms so you need the distance from bottom of keel to deck level. If too tight you will jamb in the cradle. I always set up with 100mm spare each side and tied the mast base to the forward cradle arms before going up the slipway. The 100mm could be different if the boat has a very full hull shape. Had 2 big timber wedges I used once the cradle was in place in the yard. 

Always make sure the boat is level before hauling.

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There was minimal damage to the boat. 

We alwasys recommend what Chariot said about the wedges to tighten the boat up against the uprights. Do not pull the cradle arms into the hull as this unloads the diagonal bracing and the boat will fall over sideways. 

A good keel guide to get you into the channel properly is useful, as is a stop so you put the centre of gravity in the centre of the cradle. It really helps to know the underwater geometry of the boat, particularly if the bottom edge of the keel is not horizontal. 


Multis on the other hand don't have this problem.


Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 11.58.26 AM.png

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I was once hauled with the keel missing the chanel. Didn't know until boat started bumping along the ramp. Luckily I was able to go back down and level up and come out with no damage. 

Haulout crew had indicated that i was level.

Bob Roach special??

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