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ex Elly

Great Barrier ferry at Westhaven Marina

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I think the issue is a lack of inherent safety. Its what any designer / engineer refers to as 'safety in design'.


The best example is why supermarkets don't bring their freight trucks in the front doors for grocery unloading. You keep the large heavy vehicles physically separated from all of the small, hard to coral vehicles doing random movements (i.e. like herding cats).


Safety in Design considers the inherent ability to operate the design without excessive risk of having a cluster f*ck. Anyone thats had to sit through an H&S briefing would know that 'administrative controls' such as signage and flashing lights comes way down the list of hierarchical controls. Eliminate, isolate, substitute (Don't know if I've got the order right, those briefing are always good for catching up on sleep). Basically the same reason motorways have solid concrete median barriers instead of signs saying 'keep left, don't have a major head on cluster-f*ck'.



Now, if they could also apply this to roads.  :roll:

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