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Raymarine Compass

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Anyone interested in a 

Raymarine Fluxgate Compass.


take out of the boat as not required- working fine.


open to offers- better getting used on on the shelf


i also have a bunch of sealalk 1 cables and hub as well




Raymarine ST40 Compass System w/ Fluxgate transducer E22048   Raymarine ST40 Compass System Features:
  • SeaTalk compatible for networking to other instruments, multifunction displays and autopilots
  • High contrast LCD display for excellent visibility
  • 3 levels of display backlighting for night use
  • Large digits and analog readout for visibility across the cockpit
  • True or magnetic bearing information
  • User or autopilot initiated locked bearing mode
  • Integrated direction to steer and course deviation indicators
  • User adjustable off course alarm
  • Master or repeater operation for repeating compass data at another location

Raymarine ST40 Compass System Specifications:
General   Supply voltage: 10 V to 16 V dc.     Current consumption (12 V supply): 20 mA typical. 60 mA with maximum backlighting.     Operating temperature: 0°C to +70°C.     Interfaces: SeaTalk.     Overall dimensions: 126 mm x 70 mm x 38 mm (5.00 inches x 2.80 inches x 1.55 inches).     Boss diameter: 55 mm (2.20 inches).     Heading range: 0 to 359°.     Off course alarm: 2° to 30° (port or starboard).     CE - conforms to 89/336/EC(EMC), EN60945. 94/25/EC(RCD), EN28846 (applies to transducer only).


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