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Removing Epoxy

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So, recently I bought an old Noelex 22, and have been slowly beavering away trying to bring it up to scratch.


Bought sails, replaced mast, designed rig tension system, put it mostly in position.


The rudderblade was barndoor sized, and weighed a ridiculous amount, not to mention having some mild steel packers, which rendered the whole rudder useless and immovable.


So anyway...


Bought foam, designed blade, cut blank, shaped, added unidirectional strands to stiffen it up, and laid rovings over the top.


All with West epoxy.


So far so good.


Decided to add a further layer of 100mm tape along the leading edge incase I hit things.


I realised I was out of hardener, and went to the nearest big box hardware store, and bought 500g of Ados epoxy. Mixed according to directions on the packet, looked ok.


Applied to the rudder, and a week later it's still only partially set. I've removed the tape now.


Does anyone know how to remove partially set (well, not set at all, but sticking to the West under it) epoxy?


I can scrape some of it off, but turps does nothing. The crap epoxy sticks to everything it comes into contact with. It just doesn't go hard. doesn't respond well to sandpaper, I seem to be removing the good stuff while the crap just clogs the paper.


Any ideas gratefully received.

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Epoxy Thinners.
NEVER mix different brand products. The hardener is made to exactly match the Resin.
Also, be very careful heating uncured Epoxy. The smoke fumes are terribly toxic and can make you very ill and so sensitized to Epoxies, you will never be able to go near it again.

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As a thought, if I were to bush hardener over the unset stuff, would it harden?


Or even harden enough to sand/mechanically remove?


Although if it didn't harden in correct ratios, it probably never will.


Wheels, I wasn't mixing products, this was a fresh layer

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