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Weather not looking good

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What a beaut day but its going to change.Seriously going to change if you trust Metserv??


For Hauraki Gulf and the area from Bream Head to Cape ColvilleSunday : Southwest 10 knots, easing to variable 5 knots this afternoon. Easterly 10 knots developing this evening, and rising to 20 knots overnight. Sea becoming moderate. Mainly fine.
Monday : Easterly 20 knots, rising to 25 knots gusting 35 knots mid morning,to 35 knots gusting 45 knots early afternoon, and 40 knots gusting 50 knots in the evening. Sea becoming very rough early afternoon. Morning showers, then poor visibility in rain, heavy at times.

Tuesday : Easterly 35 knots but 40 knots about the Outer Gulf, turning early morning northerly 35 knots everywhere. Changing in the evening southwest 25 knots.Rain,with heavy falls.
Wednesday : Southwest 25 knots easing to 20 knots late. Showers easing.
Thursday : Southwest easing to 15 knots early, and 10 knots late. Cloudy periods.

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Predict wind is in agreement.

For a Longbay data point it shows low t omid 30's gusting to mid 40s to low 50's, from the East, peaking before midnight tomorrow.

All 4 models are in reasonable agreement.


At least its a Monday and not a Sunday...

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Crikey Puff with a property that close to a breaking sea I suppose you would be in the global warming is fake news camp.

Nope - I'm in the not-in-my-lifetime camp


Besides global warming is so last decade, it's climate change now





Edited by Puff

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