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Sail life? How many miles?

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Its an impossible question to answer as it depends on the conditions the sail ends up being used in. 

I did UV testing on different dacrons which had some interesting results, just from UV alone some dacrons these days would only do around 20,000 miles ( 65% daylight sailing, 35% night sailing ) in the tropics before they tear like tissue, and this is only from UV and not fluttering or actually using the sail sailing, so real life would be less. I suspect some companies are using yarns from China without any UV inhibitors. A good dacron sail should do at least 50,000, and Hydra-Net a lot more. DP had a Hydra-Net sail they were showing off at boatshows which had done over 200,000. Of course none of the woven sails hold the shape that great, but most cruisers are okay with that as they spend the majority of the time reaching and running. 

Our spectra cruising laminate mainsail only did around 10,000-15,000 before the you could tear the taffeta with your fingernails, but it still had a good shape for racing and no de lamination. 

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Pleased with my Hydranet - still plenty of life after 28000nm -had the stitching re done as the cloth had outlived the stitching but was well worth it. 

  Know of 2 friends who had hi tech cruising laminates that just lasted 4 years (full time cruising)- both have gone to Hydranet .

  Would definitely be top of my list for replacement if I were needing to do so.

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