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Build my own?

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So I’ve a couple of matching hulls made of glass n polyester that were gifted to me by a reputable nz boating fellow when I was but a youngster. They are scale models of one of his actual designs, although which design I’m not sure. Originally they were intended to be just rigged and then chased through the shallows, which sounded like a lot of hard work to me when I was that young.


I’ve decided that I want to finally complete the project and do them justice, not the least because it’d be cool to sit in a bay with my boy and race each other around the anchored boats.


I can cast some appropriate keels and rudders, and build a scale rig without too many problems.


However, With regard to radios, receivers, and servos, where do I start?

I presume there are a myriad different ways to skin this cat, but something simple and cost effective would be good.

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Get a 2.4 ghz transmitter (mode 2) and receiver, (there are some very cost effective units on the market) 2 channel is all you need, winch servo and rudder servo.

The rubber servo is a fairly standard servo (90 deg movement) but the winch servo can get a bit tricky as it depends on the sail area, IOM's use a RMG winch out of Australia but the DF 65's and 95 use a servo winch


DF65 rudder servo


DF65 winch



DF95 Rudder servo


DF95 Winch



IOM Rudder Servo



IOM Winch



Transmitters (normally come with a receiver) The sky is limit for these!!!!



PM me if you want any more information or help.

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