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apache cat

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Earle has done a great job of the refit on Apache and her beating 2 late high tech designs(which are impressive boats ) of similar length speaks volumes of her original design 

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I was impressed at how all the big crusing Multis pushed this year. Kotuku came passed us on Lucifer (8.5m Tri) at Rangi light with the Genny on and flying a hull. And it wasn't "flying a hull while bearing away" it was "flying a hull and just leaning on it" 


Romanza did a huge catchup job to finish within sight of the other big multis, considering they broke a Zero halyard on the start and only passed us in Bream Bay when we could no longer see the other big multis.


I took a couple of photos of Apache as I liked her mooring setup but they show what a slim, light boat she must be.



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