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High Speed Nose dive crash TEAM NZ

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Emirates Team New Zealand's AC75 has another high speed crash  in moderate to fresh winds on the harbour, AUCKLAND YESTERDAY.


The incident happened in a strong NE wind  18kts to 20 kts approx, with a lot of choppy white Auckland water near waiheke Island.


The nosedive happened very quickly while the AC75 was sailing at very impressive speed to windward, and suddenly nosedived into the water.

The yacht still on it's foils ploughed under water and the force generated by the leeward wing was sufficient to force the AC75 foiler to roll sharply to one side before the wing lifted above the water during the roll nose dive. Extremely lucky happening that the boat was not damaged, probably because of its bow design.


The AC75 slithered along the surface of the waters, still heeled before rolling upright, and coming to a complete stalled position.

After a few minutes they and the AC75 monhull began sailing  quickly to windward, without further incident. The incident was later dismissed as a learning curve as they try to come to grips that it is not a stable catamaran platform.


The rest of their seven hour training session was conducted in more smother water when they altered training to the area known as  "The Paddock" ,the area to the  south east of Browns Island AUCKLAND with sheltered conditions near Waiheke Island.


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They should be pushing the boat over the design speed to see what would happen. 


The photos show the bow stayed above the water.   Ploughing under is a slight exaggeration. 


I am surprised at how little it leaned over. Blowing my mind. I was expecting (hoping) the spreaders to hit the water when they crashed.


The Rangi channel is an unpredictable area to sail, wind against tide, ferrys, ships, stinkpots, waves in all directions, sea breezes fighting the prevailing shifty SW and scattering of obstacles like kayaks, buoys and fishos.


Haven't heard the term "The paddock" I like that name for that area. 

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Haven't heard the term "The paddock" I like that name for that area. 


I believe the name was adopted during their training for Bermuda as reported by Richard Gladwell... https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/97966715/americas-cup-book-how-team-new-zealand-stunned-the-sailing-world


Emirates Team New Zealand had their preferred training ground to the east of Browns Island in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf, known as the 'back paddock'. Ashby says that the conditions there were a 90 per cent match with what they expected in Bermuda.

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