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we brought a new yacht

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Hi All, havent posted much in the last few years, but been plenty busy getting sorted for the next adventure.

the family and i have rented the house and flown to the Med and brought a 50 footer to sail home to NZ.

she is a 2005 Grand Soleil 50 called Wave. 

you can follow our Vlog here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_3c2EqK-hsZHmPchgGoFxg

we are doing the typical milk run home and have already run into a couple of other Kiwi families doing this at the same time as us.

so yes after 19 years of cruising and racing Oracle, i will have to change my log in here to Wave.

by the way Oracle is still for sale on trade me.

if you like the videos let us know, or have any suggestions of places to visit also let us know.

we are currently sailing down the coast of Spain towards Gibraltor



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keep a close eye on the rigging work.

Friend bought a yacht in Spain beginning of the year, had all standing rigging replaced in Barcelona. Arrived back in NZ a month ago. When I was looking over her noted rust creeping up from one of the swages on a lower, closer inspection showed at least 1 strand was broken and other on their way.

I prefer compression type fittings on the bottom of the stays.

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