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Mid 70s Kauri logs

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I think NZ & AUS are pretty much the only countries left in the (developed) world permitting sale of new 2-stroke o/b. So I'm sure they'll be banned here soon too.


In fact I'm surprised the big manufacturers haven't announced plans to cease production and only focus on 4-stroke. Obviously there is still a big enough market for them in 2nd & 3rd world countries at this stage.

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Like the old v8 cars and rods there are heaps in the country but total mileage not a lot. If the seagulls were all still in use , considering the10 to 1 mix there would be abit of haze over the harbours. Mind by posts above the seagull pollution is on the seafloor not the air above.

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Australia has moved away from two stroke carbureted small engines to comply with EPA emission standards in favour of direct injection and four strokes.

Are there plans afoot here to follow their move.

They keep deferring the cutoff date for sale of non complying 2 stroke motors up to 19kW/25hp, now 1 July 2020


this also applies to all land use 2 strokes, ie gardening equipment generators etc.

As Australia and NZ are generally treated as one market by most distributors the supply of small 2 strokes from at least the name brands will probably dry up here as well.

It was interesting observing in the islands, apart from the 2 stroke Yamaha Enduros which have always been the default choice, there were alot of new Mercury 2 strokes around. Seems there is a big push into that market. Not sure if they are genuine Mercuries or more likely rebadged Tohatsus?  

I believe there are plenty of 2 stroke motors still sold in Asia and Carribbean.

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