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Whisper Power PMG

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Has anyone come across these generators before? 


Variable speed generator makes up to 400hz AC 3phase, which is then put through an invertor of sorts to make 230v 50hz. 


I have one here that the controller is failing to fire the start solenoid.  Can't seem to find much online about them.




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Troubleshooting tips 'check the fuse' and 'ensure unit is not overheated'


No mention of the USB port or software for configuration or diagnosis..


What I mean by I can't find much online, there is no forum with people raving about how great these units are, but there are also no forums with people ranting about how sh#t they are.. 


I was hoping to find information on common failures etc.


I thought I was in for a PCB level repair, but everything seems to be in order, its just not sending the start signal..  

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