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Rebuild vs Replace

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I think Volvos get a unfair rap generally.   I tend to agree the spare parts are a bit up there however. 


I will defiantly let you know how I get on with a rebuild and is parts4engines.com in the UK where you are sourcing your rebuild kit from?  


I agree, Ive had a great run with my VolvoPenta and whilst the local parts are pricey, its now very easy to buy offshore at a fraction of the price


I havent used parts4engines, but bought my MD2030 rebuild parts from www.keypart.co.uk and highly recommend them for service and price.

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Thank you for the replies so far encouraging me to just go sailing.  But,  here are some pictures that show some of my trust issues with the engine and I hope there will be some extended cruising in my future so I would feel more comfortable if the engine was a known quantity. 


So I took these pictures today while I was disconnecting the engine from the boat and tomorrow I will hopefully lift it out.   Also note on the pictures below the damaged power cables...these are non marine grade and the outer jacket has all but disintegrated and felt gel like because of a very slow diesel leak on to them,  which was hidden from view in a cable tidy.   These are both positive cables and had I not found them I suspect a fire would be in my future. Also there was chafe on another end that I was aware of in one of the pictures below. 

Anyway,   I welcome any constructive criticism, advice or tips on any of these pictures and this subject in general. 








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Hmm. Engine room needs some work. What's with the cracked bearers etc?

Bit of work ahead even with the same engine. More for a new one...


Oh hell yes it needs work and will be getting some reinforcing and a good tidy up.  This boat was always a project.....  :wtf:


The bearers aren't actually cracked [hard to believe i know]   its grease and crap sitting on the tabbing.  The tabbing goes to painted ply wood,  which the plate and angle steel are bolted too and engine.  Original engine was a small single cylinder and engine bed was never upgraded for the larger engine now in its place.  

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