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Wellingtons Transport woes. Second tunnel Mt Victoria ?

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Andy Fosters new plan.






He seems hell bent on increasing carbon emissions not reducing them. How are they going to get here and where are they going to stay. Rental vehicles , freedom campers, camper vans, highly polluting  Jets? Visitor work permits? Like Hell.


New Zealand tax payers should not have Government tax $$$s given for this project. The rate payers and commercial Local rate payers should pay for it if the business case justifies it. A walking lane? Guess what the walking lane would become. A skate board paradise and scribble untrained spray paints gallery with all sorts of rude words added.Who is going to walk from Kilbirnie to Kent tce or Cambridge terrace. The tunnel idea is sparked by people wanting to get to the WCBD faster. So walking I guess makes sense. A tunnel under The basin reserve already has been excluded as a option as being to expensive and costing more than a $1b 


A waste of money. The un report on global warming and increasing carbon emission's stated carbon emission's must be cut 5 fold[  than what presently is being proposed / committed to with major objectors ] and within a ten year period.


They want cycle lane? Its pretty step both sides of Mt Victoria. Who,s going to peddle that each day? The young and healthy only.


Yes I agree with Nicol My Victoria has a bus tunnel that is not fully used. As a trial they should allow road motor scooters / motor cycles and the electric UBER e-scooters provided they wear helmets and other safety gear like knee pads hands, shoes and elbow protective gear to use the bus tunnel and give incentives to switch to a road motor scooters for those residents in the suburbs on the eastern side of Mt VICTORIA in the interim. Then consider widening it for two way bus traffic, motor scooters / bikes & e scooters. How many buses can they provide and more frequently for the amount that they are suggesting to a complete new 4 lane tunnel. We all know Auckland thought their rapid transit transport system seemed great but the delays and chaos caused by safety regs and construction machinery, work areas needed for heavy trucks transporting the unwanted excavation material it is doing for business and the nearby locals plus the noise factor as they will probably be working until late or all night for speed and easy for the trucks shifty the excavation's / dirt./ rock. Have any Wellingtonians been nearby when a tunnel machine is working and through rock surfaces. The local youth party poopers will love it as you will not hear their party going on even with their ghetto blasters stereos at full blasts and the sex predator's will love it also as the screams for help will not be heard. Could become a major murder preferred area additionally .


TIME to contact your local councillor and voice your demands. Block him or get voted out should be the catch cry.

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