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Importing a NZ built boat back to NZ from offshore

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Hey guys, yes went through this last year.


coming from Aus with a boat that is aus or nz built is duty free.


However if a boat sells overseas the new owner has to pay gst when entering back into the country. Value is decided from sale and purchase agreement or if you can get a valuation before leaving said country that is a less value they will take the latest value.


I tried many ways to get around this and had to pay in the end. Boat got locked in Marsden Cove and wasnt allowed to leave until it was all settled.


Sucks but is how it is unfortunately no matter how you think about it.

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You would have to file export docs.


I had all documentation around the boatbeing nz Built and owned in NZ for many years etc, she was previously an mz registered ship but still it came down to the boat selling overseas

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