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Converted engine compressor driven freezer to electric.

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I need to go down this journey too.


Any advice on the storage plate options?  E.g., the IsoTherm ASU units? Instead of the evaporator plates?


I currently have one house battery and no solar, I have been told to get into the electric fridge space I need to add a second battery and solar. So I have been putting the inevitable off.


Removing the brine and filling it with expanding foam is a good idea, I always thought it was advantageous to keep the brine as a cold storage plate, now I see the light.  Also if I remove the brine then I can drill through the fridge to get access for a a plate, so that's a win win.


One of the fridge kitset suppliers talked me out of the ASU and advised to keep the brine.  Now I am going full circle.

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Yep, there is a lot of poor advice in the marine refrigeration industry, by sales guys and agents that have no understanding of the systems.


Personally I like the Ozefridge systems - the eutectic fresh water cooled units for an offshore cruiser, and maybe a smaller unit or evaporator plates for a gulf cruiser.


It's due to my research, and then experience with my own Ozefridge unit over the last 10 years that I sought and obtained the NZ agency for these once I returned to NZ. 


Island Time uses a single AW480  unit to cool a 270 ltr fridge AND a 270 ltr freezer. The one untit does both cabinets, and consumes about 50A/hrs per day. The freezer keeps icecream on the equator.  The old engine driven system remains functional in the same cabinet, providing redundancy.


Unfortunately everything costs. One of these with water cooling, and a single eutectic plate is around $2200.00. You can spend $3500 for a large cabinet conversion. Happy to talk to anyone interested, send me a PM.

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