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Covid 19 - Are you ready to raise sail outa here...?

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This quote seems appropriate don't ya think ;)


4 hours ago, Island Time said:

No, the same rules to you as everyone else.

You are free to post anything here, but must stay within the site rules, like everyone else.


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3 hours ago, Bad Kitty said:

Electrolysis? Or poor mfg?

from the outside looking in

would have thought poor welding with the wrong rod?

along with some stupid excuse from the maker, like

"this chain is made for freshwater use, not salt water, not our problem the seller has misrepresented our product"

and similar backside covering from the seller

'you never said you wanted "salt-water" chain' 

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All chain is "but" welded by machine, i'm sure SS is the same. there are some good youtube links showing the machines making steel chain. Fascinating if you are interested in how stuff is manufactured.

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yes, but machines still require the correct set-up and materials to do the jobs they were designed to do correctly

many times have held

broken bits of the correct 'shape'

poorly formed from the wrong material


sometimes the machines that make things

if poorly made from ill-fitting pieces + substandard materials

can't work well with even the correct setup + raw materials

after all

a chain is only as strong as the weakest link


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