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Corona virus statistics and reality

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this seems the 1 to watch

Stuff is also reporting that a guest from the Novotel Ellerslie hotel where the two virus-carrying women stayed is being moved to quarantine at the Jet Park Hotel after developing symptoms of the disease.

New Zealand’s newest Covid-19 case, a man who recently arrived from Pakistan, is also at the Jet Park Hotel. 


if her test returns positive this afternoon, presumably she caught it in nz, from the english returnees, due to inadequate hotel quarantine procedures

in that case someone scalp seems inevitable

presumably clark, as the most impressive scalp available at the least cost 

if her symptoms are confirmed as covid, i wonder who will be brave enough to tell the public 

and when

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I have read some very strange things about covid.  So first, yes it's real. And yes if you read reputable medical information you will probably be closer to the truth than a lot of other sources.

It’s a chance for horse face to put her ugly mug on tv every day now and the sheeple will Lao it up , perfect for re electing this clueless under performing team for the finishing touches on screwing

I don't agree and if you read the rest of what she said, she explains about the tolerance. IMO the govt have done a pretty good job at this point, in a difficult situation, with the resources we

Posted Images

If this shenanigans happened in the private sector and it was deemed a breach of Health and Safety regulations (which it is IMO) the company directors would be PERSONALLY liable and accountable - yes the family home and assets are on the line

Perhaps the bureaucrats in charge of this debarcle need a bit more personal accountability to match? If they want commercial grade salaries then take on commercial grade risk. 

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so no new cases announced today, GREAT, because...

Mismanaging the New Zealand border is the most damaging thing the Government could do to New Zealand’s economy, economists say.

Tony Alexander said it was at the border that the real risk to that recovery came.

“The most damaging thing they could do is so badly mismanage border control that we need to go back to level 4 or level 3 alert.”

Shamubeel Eaqub agreed: “The big call for New Zealand was to eliminate and then protect the border until a vaccine or treatment was available.

“If we don’t protect the border, then we would have experienced the severe restrictions of levels 3 and 4 without the gains of an unfettered domestic economy.

Brad Olsen said the recent missteps from the Government had caused a collapse in confidence about its ability to protect the country’s Covid-19-free status.

“It’s worth noting that at alert level 1, the main restriction was border protection – and this has failed at the first hurdle.

The Reserve Bank has warned house prices could halve and unemployment could hit 18 per cent if there was another lockdown.

Olsen said he expected the Government would be “incredibly reluctant" to move back up the alert levels.

There could be less public support for such measures.

“The recent new Covid-19 cases do show that this pandemic will not be over for a long time, and highlights the economic realities of having to have strict border protections for an extended period.”

“The big test for the NZ labour market will come over the second half of this year, as firms are forced to adjust to life without the government’s wage subsidy.

We expect unemployment to peak around 8 per cent in the fourth quarter of this year and remain above 7 per cent for all of 2021."

Alexander said there would be more redundancies at the end of the wage subsidy.

“That is why the challenge for the government in the next few weeks is to sow a seed of doubt in the minds of businesses regarding how weak the economic outlook will be.

"They need to display enough mastery of the outlook for our economy than when push comes to shove as the subsidy ends that businesses will decide they should keep staff on because it looks like they will need them come spring or late this year.

That is why the Government’s border mismanagement is so damaging and needs radical correction and installation of confidence in isolation procedures right away.”


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Border control is necessary for keeping COVID out while allowing people in and out. We now hear about the shear number people who have come into the country during lockdown, and now we know the border control was less than poor.  The ridiculous approach to only testing those with symptoms, even though we know at least 50% show no symptoms was only changed this month. The fantasy of some 14 days sacrosanct rule that a virus will comply with is also an illusion, the virus did not get the memo.

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“We will get through this together, but only if we stick together, so please be strong and be kind,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told us way back in late March.

After that the words appeared over and over and over again. On motorway signs, billboards, even on the ticker that runs across my mobile phone home screen.

It’s so ubiquitous the sentiment doesn’t really mean anything. Kindness isn’t achievable without action.

It cannot be applied only when it suits, or just to those we believe deserving of it.

A call for mass kindness is a lot more complicated offline, and in the real world, than an empty hashtag suggests.

Which is why, as a health campaign, it was destined to fail.

The calmness that served us so well in lockdown gave way to fury. The measures taken to combat Covid-19 brought loss, disruption, financial hardship and pain. The idea that those sacrifices were for naught was too much to bear.

If there must be anger then it should be directed at those who allowed the quarantine system to break down.


The latest series of Covid-19 blunders is a timely reminder that the entire premise of the lockdown was hubris. The bureaucrats went from flattening the curve to believing that they could eliminate the virus and quarantine a population of 5 million people indefinitely from the 7 billion other people on the planet.

They can't. The inevitability of this program's failure, however, does not mean we will abandon it easily. But we will abandon it.

Governments don't walk away from a policy merely because it isn't working. They simply re-double their efforts, imposing more costs and stripping away more freedoms while the populace cheers them on to ever-greater acts of idiocy until we all exhaust ourselves and move on to the next crisis.


and apparently the ministry of heath doing a big phonathon today

trying to call everyone who did a 14 day isolation 

to ask if they were tested before they left

apparently the health department doesn't know as;

the policy, the reality + the records don't line-up at all!

could it be the very inexperienced coalition

know very little about the nuts + bolts of governance?

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sadly while thinking for yourself is easy, finding accurate information to build your thoughts around seems to be getting harder all the time

as you point out stuff is quietly slipping out of the role of accurate informer into a fizzed up froth of half-truths

take this story

Animal which passed Covid-19 from bats to humans trafficked into New Zealand


3 problems with the story

1. there seems no proof that pangolins were the vector between bats + people


2. no pangolins appear to have been trafficked into nz, their dried (so hard to see how they could carry covid) scales, claws etc yes. but no pangolins

3. the top of the page has a variety of social media links for comments on the story....but at least the facebook link goes nowhere as stuff have disabled readers ability to use it, so why advertise a feature that's been disabled

yet they have the cheek to put into the middle of virtually every story

Trustworthy, accurate and reliable news stories are more important now than ever. Support our newsrooms by making a contribution.

i didn't support "the news of the world" before they lied their way into irrelevancy

and i won't be supporting stuff

which means a huge investment in time needed to filter out trustworthy, accurate + reliable news from a modern media hooked on clickbait journalism

but it did take a LONG time for the news of the world to be so embarrassingly poor that murdock had to pull the plug

>100 years ago-Frederick Greenwood, editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, met in his club one day Lord Riddell, who died a few years ago, and in the course of conversation Riddell said to him, "You know, I own a paper."

"Oh, do you?" said Greenwood, "what is it?"

"It's called the News of the World—I'll send you a copy", replied Riddell, and in due course did so. Next time they met Riddell said, "Well Greenwood, what do you think of my paper?"

"I looked at it", replied Greenwood, "and then I put it in the waste-paper basket. And then I thought, 'If I leave it there the cook may read it'—so I burned it!"[14]


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