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Corona virus statistics and reality

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1 hour ago, harrytom said:

Further more we pay for their quarantine.Where do these returnees plan of housing themselves??there is a housing shortage and do they end up joining the unemployed ques as many have good folk have become unemployed through lockdown.

You seem to be suggesting New Zealander's should not be allowed to return to their country.  That is a very sad position.

We do pay for their quarantine as taxpayers, it is a government imposed requirement for public benefit for all the people living in our COVID free fantasy world.  I would rather pay $1bn for that than the Provincial Growth Fund (NZ First Reelection Corruption Fund).

You want to fix the housing shortage?  I thought we had 100,000 Kiwi build houses coming, oh thats right another fantasy and fairy dust moment.

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I believe the current successes in our economy are happening despite this governments actions not because of it, entrepreneurs that want to succeed.

Helping the losers, comforting the upset or offended, taxing the winners, promoting minorities because they are. Sounds just like the school yard.

Promoting excellence, streamlining bureaucratic processes, removing barriers, clear focus of direction and targets with no ambiguity. Don't get that at the afternoon briefing.

There is talk of appointing health board directors to get the required skill set as opposed to electing political winners, pity it doesn't happen in Government too.

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14 minutes ago, BOIGuy said:

I believe the current successes in our economy are happening despite this governments actions not because of it, entrepreneurs that want to succeed

Most success happens in spite of Governments not because of them.

As Governments get less representative and more self interested as they all are, that trend of success in spite of will only accelerate. But sadly at the same time and also due to those same failings in Government, the increase in entrepreneurial sprit is leading to other parts of the economy being hammered. Small Govts like NZ's can make stands if they wanted too to correct this but as we have seen our current one (and probably the previous one) seem very happy supporting the international based hammerers rather than the locals getting hammered. 

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little tolerance for scofflaws

A woman who escaped from a managed isolation facility in Auckland on Saturday evening has been caught by police.

She absconded from the Pullman Hotel on foot just before 6:20pm, Air Commodore Darryn Webb, head of managed isolation and quarantine, said on Sunday. She was apprehended at 8pm on nearby Anzac Avenue. 

Charges are being considered against the 43-year-old.

She arrived in New Zealand from Brisbane on June 27. A COVID-19 test came back negative, but this doesn't necessarily mean she isn't carrying the virus. She was travelling alone.


The five officers who caught the woman are undergoing tests for the virus.


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what a cockup at the airport, they sell tickets, board the passengers, work out they've overloaded with freight, unload a few passengers and tell them they need to pay all costs involved in quarantining until the next available flight in a week's time because of some americans transiting on the plane

"I was p***d off that we had to quarantine but once the police said there were Americans on the flight I said 'of course, we are going to have to quarantine'. That's fine. We are not trying to start a pandemic," Solomon said.

Air New Zealand's customer general manager Liz Fraser said yesterday's flight to Brisbane had a larger-than-expected payload, "which unfortunately resulted in several passengers being unable to travel".

Unfortunately, she said, the affected customers were inadvertently provided a letter with incorrect information when they disembarked.


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during lockdown the auckland showgrounds were packed with hundreds? of campervans awaiting a possible flood of the 1,000,000 kiwis living os 

similar sets up were in the other main centres

when the pandemic proved to have much lower death rates than something like ebola most kiwis os chose not to walk away from the homes and the camper vans were quietly taken away

now with victoria going into a 2nd lockdown and the usa inching closer to hospital overload many of the kiwis os are quietly packing up and returning

stretching the hotel quarantine system 

good to know the campervan plan could be dusted off if needed

Hotels are cancelling guest bookings to make way for a big increase in returning Kiwis arriving in the country this week.

Nearly 3500 New Zealanders are expected to check in to managed isolation and quarantine facilities in the next few days, with a fifth hotel in Christchurch being converted into a border hotel. There are now 26 border hotels up and running.

Hotel guests in Christchurch have had their bookings cancelled at the Distinction Christchurch Hotel to allow it to take up a six-month contract with the government.


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America now stands almost alone among wealthy nations for its failure to contain the disease. Infection rates have tapered off or flatlined in Europe, Canada and Japan — where many people have watched in shock as the United States gets sicker and sicker. “The fumbling of the virus was not a fluke,” our health desk wrote in an analysis of the political polarization, weak leadership, fragmented government, decrepit public health infrastructure and persistent social inequalities that led to this fiasco. “If there was a mistake to be made in this pandemic, America has made it.”


Sad that USA had to be schooled by supporting an unfit for purpose president.

Also that current "democracy" allowed this.

Hopefully something good will come from it.

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