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Sailing NZ

The positives of the Covid19 virus

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5 hours ago, Fish said:

I don't have to sit on the motorway for a couple of hours a day, and the boss is perfectly agreeable to me working from home all of a sudden.

Spending some quality time with my kids.

Question, what would be the long term impact on the Hauraki Gulf now that recreational fishing is effectively banned for a month or more? I'm expecting improvements in fish stock, but I don't know if that would be a marginal improvement or something that can actually be measured and seen over time.

There are widespread environmental benefits to the lock down, sharply reduced fossil fuel burning, no airline flights, sharply reduced general consumption of junk...

Interesting first point Fish. We used to have a WFH policy but that went out the window with the new boss, now it’s all on again and working fantastically. In fact productivity is way up. I’m getting 9 hours work done in 7.5 hours purely to the lack of distractions that would usually occur in the office. Added to that, I’m not driving 45 minutes each way. 

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I think one of the big positives will be greater acceptance of working from home for a lot of office staff, or at the very least working more flexiable hours.

This could bring much better work life balance for a lot of people, take a big chunk of people off the roads and public transport during prime commuting hours. So even the people who have no choice to commute will see benefits of emptier roads and less crowded public transport during peaks. 

I think there is also going to be a big shift in the way people shop, I know I spend a lot less when I do online groceries rather than walking round the shop, much easier to stick to a list, and I've been a fan of supermarkets in the first place. 


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2 hours ago, Black Panther said:

Time to change the name of this thread. I suggest Whining Morons Who Just Want to Complain No Matter What. 

... Or people who don't agree with other people's post s/facts/comments/opinions...

You're the only one complaining.

Also Surely that is trolling?

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9 minutes ago, harrytom said:

The positives could be.A reduction in obesity,no takeaway foods,people learning to cook simple healthy meals and saving $$ while doing so. Surprising what can be made in a short period of time.

It was interesting going to the supermarket yesterday for the first time since the lock down, most items were readily available but the one exception was flour, rationed to 1 bag per customer. Obviously alot of home baking planned.😀

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