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Sailing NZ

The positives of the Covid19 virus

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Well, reporting from the Sweetwater Seas I can tell you that Mum Nature is sorta liking this situation. 

Normally the entirety of the US from Chicago eastward is covered by a permanent "fumosphere" - 

now the air is crystal clear and when it is sunny it glows like the south of France. 

I've never seen that before in my life. 

And the birds are chirping away with obvious glee. 

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what do we do with a Nation of Covid19 free people (it would have to be at zero) if we beat the virus, and open up again.

Without a vaccine we can never open our borders to tourists without full quarantine ( thus towns like Queenstown go broke), and we will have no resistance to C19 plus its off spring... If it gets in again.

are we delaying the inevitable until a vaccine is supplied and administered to everybody.

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On 8/04/2020 at 8:05 AM, Rehabilitated said:

No stupidity at all, how negative can a opinion get not much lower.  You should put more sugar on your cornflakes. Get positive tablets from your tablet from your doctor.

Is it possible that one day you'll address the comments rather than go the poster? We know your 'Admin' title means you can be an arse with impunity but that doesn't mean you need to be.

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