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Boating now heavily restricted

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Agree the govt has form for changing its mind on a whim, but in this context I don't have a problem with it. They are having to make decisions with massive ramifications very quickly and on limited fa

The higher the alert levels, the less rights you have. This is not some form of sinister Gvt control of the People however. It is about keeping the Public safe in a time of crises. You yourself might

Your comment is out of line and I've reported it. We don't need racism in NZ, or anywhere. #givenothingtoracism

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40 minutes ago, Deep Purple said:

Woww, someone is getting desperate to try and remain relevant.

Judging by the growing number of emails flowing between YC's about YNZ it comes as no surprise.

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23 minutes ago, Deep Purple said:

Very Winston Peters-like isn't it. Coming out to claim the victory from under the bedclothes (or John Walker)

Even more like Winston than that.

NZ First is pretty much a one man band and I am very fast coming to the conclusion so is YNZ.

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On 30/04/2020 at 7:52 PM, Fish said:

Who is this Yachting NZ you guys keep on referring to? I've never heard of them, are they supposed to do something? I've certainly never seen them do anything.

They're some PR firm up north that are the mouth piece for professional sailing. 

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7 hours ago, Dtwo said:

We should feel fortunate that our police do their jobs like this






Wasting a while lot of time (and tax-payers money) wandering around giving people friendly warnings and second chances when they should be slamming them with a charge straight up.

Yes, sure they are talking to everyone with respect but they are also treating adults like forgetful 5yr olds. That last case was a perfect example. Those guys were not only in the wrong but they LIED to the police with their initial answers but still got off with a ‘go home’ warning. WTF?!

This isn’t day 2 of lockdown it’s month 2. The ‘warm & fuzzy’ approach should be long gone and the handcuffs should be out.

Videos  this make me feel like I’ve been an idiot sticking to the letter of the law since day 1 of this whole episode and I feel like breaking out of any restrictions back to totally normal behaviour tomorrow morning - because the consequences if I’m caught are obviously nil. Seriously.

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Yup, instant fine the selfish f*ckwits.

As Aleana says, this is not week one. People know the rules. They break them with intent.

Same to the idiots at burger fuel.

Personally I'm a fan of going all North Korea on their arses and shooting them, but my wife says I cant say that sort of thing in public.  So i better not say that here either.

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