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Our way fwd out of this for small business

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the next poll will be completely meaningless - partisanship in our pollsters is rife - on both sides of the spectrum and our current situation will only exacerbate that. The only poll that will be worth showing any interest will be the one that actually matters.

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Maybe if all the government went 7 weeks with no pay, then took a 50% cut for the next 6 months and double all their compliance costs. They might start to get a feeling of what's going on. 

There is nothing 'marine' about this thread. All the covid / world ending stuff is in smalltalk. Every now and then I want to pretend nothing is wrong and just read sh*t about boats, sailing and water

d-f - just . don't . engage . 

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I dunno. I think it will favour Labour well based on the medical response to date. However when the economic reality sets in it could be all bad unless they can stall the pending economic downturn for five months.

Maybe you're right?

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"Fiscal consolidation may require a reduction in entitlements, such as winding back fees-free tertiary education or lifting the eligibility age for NZ Super or introducing means-testing. Tax rates may also increase, or new tax types - such as on capital gains, wealth, or inheritance -  could also be introduced.


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like a declaration of financial war?

your own companies would need to be out of the country first

your airlines could never land there

and your foolish citizens who chose to stay

would be arrested, charged in show trials and slated for organ donation

are those 2 canadians still rotting in jail there after the huawei daughter was arrested in canada?


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What will the cost of lockdown be??

$10 b wage subsidy,possibilty of some rent payment?Now the true costs that some business will face is the dumping of expired goods.Insurance may not cover it,doubt Govt will cover it.

When lockdown down stated we gave all we could to city mission and other places.This week I have been in taking expired product to the refuse centre,just in one product alone,the fee is approximatly between $50k to $60k to dump value of product aprox $95k  no recycling of containers ,squashed and straight to Hampton downs.That is just one product,

Insurance wont cover.How many small businesses will recover??

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16 hours ago, ScottiE said:

or jump on the bandwagon and sue the CCP then nationalise any assets the regime owns in this country!

I saw the US, and all it's states even the sate of Australia ;) , were talking about confiscating chinese assets to help pay for the covid clean up. Today Aussie warships are in a fleet with US warships doing a freedom of navigation exercise, a polite way of saying 'lets wind up the chinese' by sailing thru the Eastern Vietnamese Sea, Sth China Sea or Philippines something or other sea depending on whose talkin. Looks like the Trumpster and deputy sheriff Scomo are keen to add 'World War III, the Final war' into the covid cluster.

But don't stress Winston can stop total planetary destruction by writing a strongly worded letter.

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