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WAVE - around the world or half way!

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last day of quarantine, pretty bay and lots to watch from aboard. yachts coming and going as well as locals passing in speed boats. we have our test tomorrow morning and should then beguin exploring the country. the holding here has been ok. but a layer of small broken coral then the anchor has to get through, we have dived and explored the surrounding area many times. we have held fast through the 12 days but have only had a few squalls of 25/30 knots. 

collected a  bit or fain water from our cabin top catchment system i made up, seems to get about 20/30 ltr every few days, as we dont have a water maker it makes our water last that much longer. in a big down pour a few weeks ago, (2 hours of rain) we collected 90 ltr. . still looking to put Wave on the hard and fly home in Sept. then back in Oct next year to continue.

the Pacific should be a lot more open by then so we can relax and enjoy the trip instead of just being a delivery trip.   

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latest update,  - been out of quarantine an d looking around Grenada for a few weeks now, nice, more and cheaper food available as well as marine goods. 

its now getting into the serious part of hurricane season, and we came as far south as we can this year as Trinidad is not opening their borders. the eighth Hurricane named Gonzalo cme through a few days ago and unusally was a long way south, thankfully it petered out and went down towards Tobago in the last 12 hours. so we were all safe. we wee anchored in thick mud big chain and anchor and lots of it and yacht all stripped of above deck stuff.. many yachts went inito the mangroves, but with our 2.8m keel not really an option.

another couple of weeks cruising ahead of us now before any potential blows come through.

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