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Auto tiller pilot onto auxiliary rudder trim tab

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Hi there,

I have an auxiliary rudder trim tab wind vane set up on a cav 32

I am wandering if anyone has direct experience on getting the auto tiller unit attached to the auxiliary rudder trim tab. I have a tp32 .

The aim would be to be able to use the tiller pilot in more demanding condition as it would normally be feasible if attached to the main tiller.

this would also mean the auxiliary rudder would always be mounted at the back. ( at the moment it is sitting in the shed...)

thank you in advance for your thoughts.


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There are some boats that do this. However, on a cav32, I'd expect a TP32 to steer on the main tiller in virtually any conditions. From a life expectancy point of view though, the loads on the TP are a lot less on the trim tab......

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Heaps more power than you need for working a trim tab. But as they say use what you have got. The TP32 can suffer from water getting into where you don't want it. A cover with a clear over the control buttons solves that & a collar around the shaft that can be tightened enough with a draw string to semi water proof it. 

If I remember correctly you will have to set it up so the tab turns the correct way, which is the opposite to using it directly to the tiller.

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Hey guys,


I just thought about the auto tillel being connected to the trim tab. The set up doues not allow for the auto tiller to be mounted square to the boat axis. Does this matter at all? 

Or as i press the auto botton it then does what it needs to do to steer the course?

I immagine i should trick the auto tiller by setting it as if it was installed say starbord rather then port. This way it would deal with trim tab????  Does it make sense???

Thank you for any suggestion


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