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I have seen pretty extensive bleeding from a nail in my foot, a slice to my hand etc.  You can have your opinion, but given what I have seen her up to in the marina I would place way more weight on a

KM ....king of muppets. Black hole of negativity. All things chain, rope or anchor notwithstanding.

It is interesting that the researcher, LeopardSeals.org co-founder Dr Krista Hupman, thinks that the problem of dinghies being destroyed is caused by boaties: "It is the responsibility of boat ow

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Position update from the leopard seal folks via FB.


Owha has been spending a lot of time just north of Whangaparaoa recently and was seen using a local beach again this morning.

If you see her please contact us immediately either by phone (0800 536 7273) or email (info@leopardseals.org).

Please DO NOT post her exact current location online, this creates a crowding issue that puts her and the public at risk. It is ok to post a general location (e.g. she is on a beach in the Whangaparaoa area to warn dog owners)

If you find Owha or any other leopard seal please give them 20m space to let them rest. Call the Department of Conservation if you witness anyone harassing a seal.

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12 hours ago, Veladare said:

Bullet my arse... its hurts its face on a nail attacking a fender or something similar

I made a comment to that effect recently on a FB page closely aligned to the Leopard Seal folks. I was expecting to get torn a new one. I actually got a surprisingly large amount of support, and no one tried challenging the point. So it would appear from that experience a lot of the environmentally focused Owha supporters don't believe she was shot either.

(Not saying sailors aren't environmentally focused, but this group are heavily pro Owha / marine life, to the extent one of them was bad mouthing boaties as low life humans who had shot this poor creature, etc etc)

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52 minutes ago, Bigfish said:

To all you saying its "bollocks" she got shot, you obviously weren't there at the time seeing her face covered in blood. you only get to hear the snippets in forums and facebook. It was disgusting to say the least, a nail, puncture whatever you want to call it still wouldn't cause an animal to bleed that much. 

I have seen pretty extensive bleeding from a nail in my foot, a slice to my hand etc.  You can have your opinion, but given what I have seen her up to in the marina I would place way more weight on a nail or screw than being shot.

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Gun shot would have been through and through, exit wound? BF were you there? was the Vet there? Maybe it was an inflatable fighting back? or are they just opinions based on minimal information? As is mine.

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Based on my extensive evaluation of the wound (sarcasm), but looking at the photo with the clear scrape mark that links to the hole, I would assess a puncture wound.  Way less sensational than a bullet hole, which would have required someone to be quite close with a silencer????  Which seems most likely?  Someone wandering around with a silenced rifle or a leopard seal with a known propensity to attack inflatables and who knows what else (I watched her skin and eat a fur seal in Westhaven, including throwing it around like a rag doll)?  Or someone with a rifle that no one heard?

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I would be suprised if that was a bullet hole. Even at 50 metres a .22 projectile is going to shatter the seals muzzle which may not kill her instantly but would certainly prevent her from eating. 


I was a fulltime culler/hunter once upon a time so very familiar with the damage a bullet does.

The injury is in an unusual place for it to be accidental though and I wonder if a spearfishing spear is the more likely culprit? Rightfully fended off from the back of a boat or inflatable? 


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That is a plausible scenario Sabre. It is much more plausible that a weapon that is common on boats and the marina environment was used, rather than a weapon that requires a licence, must be kept locked in a safe etc was used, esp a gun in a highly built urban environment, with CCTV all over the place without anyone hearing or noticing.

All we can safely conclude is that Owha suffered a puncture wound. Anything else is conjecture. What did wind me up, is the implication that a boatie deliberately shot her cause she eats dinghies. There is nothing to support that statement and never was.

And to be fair, big ups to Bigfish for putting a contrary point of view, especially as a newbie. I can confidently say there is no evidence to support your point of view, and I honestly beleive the gunshot theory to be wrong, but other than that, I can only make suppositions.

Cool name too, by the way, Bigfish ;-)

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