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13 year old with Variant 22.5 foot

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Wow, I guess it's been a while since I logged in here...

If they're interested in learning a few things perhaps more suited to the Variant, Manukau YMBC, near Mangere Bridge, is where the Auckland Hartley 16s and Noelex 22 fleets sail.

If you head over there on a sailing day, there's a pretty good chance of getting a ride.

Alternatively, flick the Variant and buy a Noelex 22, then you can race "like for like", plus drag the boat to lakes etc, which opens up an entire different sailing universe.

Not that I'm biased  ;) but the noelex 22 is one of the best all-round boats out there, and I think the two biggest sailing related mystakes I've ever made were "upgrading" from a N22 to a sportsboat, and buying a boat that needed a mooring. Both of which I now haved moved on from, and own a Noelex... Again.

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