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the end of an error?

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I don't care for most of the subjects of Peters' last-minute vetoes but I do care for integrity. When politicians, policy advisers and public servants were doing the long hours of detailed work, discussion and development of these programmes, you can bet Peters was never in the room.

When those who were in the room reported progress to him, he quite likely didn't read it. He has never much liked paperwork.

A recently published biography of former Finance Minister Bill Birch contains some anecdotes of life with Peters as "Treasurer" in the first MMP coalition.

One of Birch's staffers recalls going into Peters' office for meetings. "There'd be a stack of paper there, it had that green material around it and he'd undo it. He hadn't read any of it."

And Birch remembers several times receiving an anxious call from Peters' secretary asking if he could meet an early morning delegation because the Treasurer hadn't shown up for work.

Peters entered Parliament more than 40 years ago and has hung around for no discernible purpose beyond his own amusement. Two generations have come into politics, risen to the top, governed conscientiously and left when their time was up, while he has been little more than a pest.


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his end

this election

a carbuncle on the arse of humanity

01 AUGUST 2020 – Labour, as a party founded on the interests of all who labour for their living, should rule out before the election coalescing with New Zealand First (NZF). National has done that, for its own narrow interests, as NZF is not trusted by large sections of the public, and for good reasons.

But Labour should do now what it should have done in 2017- rule out this party which is a conduit for the most reactionary policies in New Zealand.

The cynical tactic shaped by Peters but borrowed from” illustrious” demagogues of yore, of demonising the “other” and leading the gullible to believe that economic and social ills, whether unemployment, housing shortage, transport congestion will be solved with close to zero immigration and deportation of as many migrants as possible,  should be enough for  any self-respecting internationalist party to shun an electoral alliance with him.

But, unfortunately, Jacinda Ardern on the eve of the election is signalling that NZF is still a prospective coalition partner


EDITOR’S NOTE: Hon Matt Robson currently specialises in immigration law, and is a former Minister in the Helen Clark Labour/Alliance Government 1999-2002.

This is his first piece with EveningReport.nz.


It's not surprising he treats his own party and coalition partners with the same disdain he has for voters at elections, refusing to indicate his intentions until they have wasted their time.

Parliamentarians are given the title "Honorable". I believe Peters doesn't know what that means.


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