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Westhaven Marina Users meeting tomorrow

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Tomorrow evening the Westhaven Marina Users Association is holding it's AGM.

With recent developments and another one that popped up Thursday night that all contribute to making life harder for berth holders and marine related users of the area the meeting could be a goodie and may feature some fireworks if anyone from Panuku has the balls to turn up.

6pm in the Ponsonby Cruising Club

Voting in 6 weeks will change absolutely nothing, voting in the council elections changed nothing, getting off your arse and turning up to meetings like this does. 



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Good lad for signing up, the more there are the harder it is to ignore.

I do think there are a lot of berth holders and users of Akl marinas that really do need to have a wee suss of what is going on before they find it is really too late. Apathy is why we pay so much for our berths and do so with reducing facilities.

What's is coming is potential a huge game changer which could easy see the end of the average NZers being able to afford a marina berth. The Trusts run out in 26/29 so we are only a few years away from that, if we don't drive pegs in the sand now it will be too late.

Either get off your arse and do something or you may as well just bend over, grab your ankles and hope like f*ck Panuku is generous enough in their victory to use some lube.



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It's all about supply and demand. More demand ,less supply equals a screwing. Stand by to get screwed like KM says. Drive all the stakes in you like but if there's someone waiting to take your place it doesn't count.  Panuku's meeting is only window dressing to placate the Council. Like Council consultation it is a waste of time but ticks boxes for so called democracy. Get with the programme people.

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