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This is a bit scary

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The chart below, like US military accounting in general, 

seriously understates US security spending - the figure in the 

chart DOES NOT INCLUDE: spending on the entire US itell system (NSA, CIA, FBI, and more), 

spending on vets pensions & health care, nuke weapons R & D and production, and much else. 


A fair estimate of total annual US military spending is around  $1.2 trillion, about 7% of what 

used to be our GDP. 


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This is not really marine anymore but politics, (then again what isn't politics!) There is a lot of anti-China rhetoric in the great game so dont believe the crap on the media. The US tuna fleets have decimated fishing stocks through the Pacific forever, US pet Taiwan does the same, so does the various South American states, the Russians and even us. We can hardly control our own fishing FFS! Dont even mention the Koreans and Japanese, so to call the Chinese out is total hypocrisy, and  Im not condoning horrible fishing practices.

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1 hour ago, AJ Oliver said:

Sorry for my part in some thread drift . . 

But the US being outspent on the military by China is ludicrous. 

In that case you Govt is just like ours, very gullible and easy as to scam. Also it means the Chinese Govt get incredibly magnificent ROI where the US gets the total opposite.

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