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Damn the Rules, Rocna Inventor doing the NW Passage

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1 hour ago, wheels said:

No nothing to worry about. Today it is just one of our common flu's that rounds our planet each year. Th H1N1 virus. The death/infection toll is what it took for the World back then to gain "Herd Immunity". And even with Herd Immunity, that did not mean that in the years after 1920 (when the pandemic officially ended) People no longer died from it.  In fact it still kills the old and frail today.

The article (and some of the others it links) explain this.

The H1N1 of 1918 had an gene that was "exceptionally virulent". This 1918 variety of H1N1 is not in circulation today, has never had a vaccine created for it and we have no herd immunity to it.  If it was to get out, there would be a mad rush to quarantine and develop a specific vaccine.   The last most virulent h1n1 was 2009, it was not even as deadly or as contagious as the 1918 strain, but still caused worldwide carnage. 

To quote the article:

"Oseltamivir (Tamiflu® or generic), has been shown to be effective against similar influenza A(H1N1) viruses and is expected to be effective against the 1918 H1N1 virus. Other antivirals (zanamivir, peramivir and baloxavir) have not been tested against this specific virus but are expected to also be effective."

I definitely don't read that, as a 100% gaurantee, that we're ready, if the Spanish flu variant made a come back.   While there would be certainty that a vaccine would be forthcoming, I think there would be a lot more carnage. 

We have not had a H1N1 as virulent as the 1918 since 1918.  Not worried, just facinated that it's still there... 

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I've reported this post. Adopting the language of the extreme right to describe people who support the rule of law sets a dangerous precedent for this forum. 

I'm getting offended by the amount of offense being taken around here. No one is calling anyone a w^&#$@r, a c**t or a fuckwit, which would be highly offensive. The OP is ju

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I didn’t intend to slide off topic again. I added the post about Okak because the village is on the NW passage and suffered enormously from a white man’s disease. Like all the little villages, hamlets and towns in the far north there isn’t much in the way of medical facilities or evacuation options. Even in 2020!

Irrespective, Wheels and Priscilla have rightly brought up the 1919 flu and the horrific effect for Samoa. But you don’t have to look back very far at all to when another disease rampaged Samoa. Only last year they experienced a measles outbreak that decimated the country.

 August last year, yes 2019, an infected passenger arrived from Auckland. That resulted in an outbreak that killed and killed for months.

The Lancet reported:
On Oct 16, 2019, the Samoan Ministry of Health declared a measles outbreak, the first Pacific island country to do so in the current global resurgence of measles. 
As of Jan 22, 2020, 5707 measles cases and 83 measles-related deaths (estimated attack rate of approximately 285 cases per 10 000 population) have been reported. 
87% of deaths have been reported as children younger than 5 years, a mortality rate of approximately 25 deaths per 10 000 people in this age group.
At least 20% of babies aged six to 11 months have contracted measles and one in 150 babies have died.
As of 20 December, 94% of the population had been vaccinated.

A state of emergency was declared on 17 November, ordering the closure of all schools, keeping children under 17 away from public events, and vaccination became mandatory. On 2 December 2019, the government imposed a curfew and cancelled all Christmas celebrations and public gatherings. All unvaccinated families were ordered to display a red flag or cloth in front of their homes to warn others and to aid mass vaccination efforts. Some families added messages like “Help!” or “I want to live!”.

5 and 6 December, the government shut down everything to bring civil servants over to the vaccination campaign. The curfew was lifted on 7 December when the government estimated that 90% of the population had been reached by the vaccination program. On 14 December, the state of emergency was extended to 29 December. Finally, as of 22 December, an estimated 94% of the eligible population had been vaccinated.

So poor old Samoa went from a horrifying and deadly experience, with the lock down finally ending at Christmas, only to find a new disease threat waiting to hop aboard an Air NZ flight and break out early this year. And of course they’ve had their borders firmly shut since 21 March.

The lesson is that there are still real risks for people. There’s a dangerous potion when you’ve mixed together some poverty, isolation, minimal medical resources and a lack of any immunity, and yes, to bring us back to the topic, the white man’s greed and arrogance.

When I read the RNZ article kindly linked by Priscilla II, I couldn’t but postulate that Colonel Robert Logan and Pete Smith must be related; they act with attitudes of such similarity.


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