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This Weekend's Achievements

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I completed the Piedy intergalactics on Steinygrenade. Had a heap of fun and reminded myself why I should never venture forward of the mast. I stayed on board though which is not always easy on these things. Knackered after 2 days racing! These are cool little boats to race. Thanks Drummonds! Someone out there has some great video of my awesome (not) foredeck work....

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Not really a weekend achivement, but still some nice stuff. 

Headed off for a week on Firefly. Best mate came in from AKL on the Saturday. Departing at 0600 on a Monday morning. Caught the high slack to go through the Raz de Sien, then down to St. Marine. On to Groix the next day and a short nip up to Lorient on the Wednesday (blowing 30 NE - and some newbies on board as well so didn't want to give them a too hard day). Thursday, Lorient back to Camaret sur Mer, 100NM with a bit of everything from 28knts Quartering (nice) to 5knt variable (also nice) and 25knts on the nose against a 4knt current (not nice). Various shots of the fun.


Rounding Penmarch wing-and-wing no pole in 4knts breeze, 2.5kn boatspeed. We were all on the foredeck to lift the arse out of the water a little. Steering from my phone.


Coming in to St. Marine. 



Tied up in Lorient. Was fun docking with 25knt side wind.



This is Pointe du Raz at 30 min past high tide. The sea is crazy there, boiling up in one place, breaking waves 100m further on, dead calm in another. The google maps shot below gives you an indication on why you really only pass through at slack tide in good weather...





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