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On 20/12/2019 at 4:29 PM, Clipper said:

Not this weekend, but ready for the weekend.  Finished my daughters first dinghy. a 4' skylark.  Started it 4 years ago.....






So cute! I have an 8ft dinghy for the kids to learn in that I am in the final stages of.

What did you use for the rub strips on the bottom?

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On 17/09/2017 at 8:36 PM, Island Time said:

Finally got around to making a new mattress for the fwd cabin. The old one was well past its use by date. The V berth is too wide to use a standard mattress size, so I went and bought a queen size premium foam mattress from Para rubber. $360. I removed the cover, and, using the mattress  sideways, its wide enough. I cut off the ends to shape, and glued them to the front to make up the required length. I used an electric carving knife to cut the foam, worked well.

Now to make the cover. Using the cover that came with the mattress, I cut out the zip and the seams, and after a bit of though, figured out how to get the required shapes out of the cover material. You can see the joins in the foam in this pic.

Making the covers.JPG

I cut out the shapes, and used normal box cushion  construction to sew it together;

Sewing the covers.JPG

It came out OK I reckon;

finished matress.JPG

And finally fitted into the boat;

matress fitted.JPG


Now I have a comfortable bed again :-)

What glue did you use IT?

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2.8 Long x 3.3 wide, black sunbrella with webbing loops in the corners and a Velcro hem to attach clears or mosquito netting. Let’s see if it fits .... 


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