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?????? ex Trainsmash ...

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Not this year, would like to come up at some stage but then there is the matter of the wings.

Would like to get it up to Cat3 to do the AKL to TGA next year but depends on finances.

Did you manage to dig out that old #2?

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Looks good Willow and totally different from what I had in mind.


Decided if I did not do it all before she went back in the water it would not get done and as much as she will be raced there needed to be a balance ..... want to teach the "otherhalf" to sail and my want to race.


Cat 3 is the end goal ..... ohhh and so far she is still the best kept secret as those around me know nothing .


So the work goes on ...... in the meantime I am back at sea (work)

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Hi Woody,


Will try to get some more pics up this week .... there now is absolutley no fittings/windows etc left on her, she is an absolute bare hull.


In the past couple of weeks she has taken huge steps forward, new ring frame fitted and glassed in, almost every hole (fittings/instruments/winches etc) have all been filled and large sections have been re-glassed.


Hope that by the end of this coming week her decks will be in undercoat, then I am away again(course in Houston) but work will continue


Depending on your dates I might even be home .... if not, sure Peter will get take you up to have a look.



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I had meant to update with new pics before I left for time with the "boss" (overseas with her family) and before I came back to work.


The top half of the boat is now in primer , yayyy .... and huge step forward. All the holes have been down, the cockpit has had a new layer of bi-axial cloth and she is starting to come together. Must admit it all looks good.


Inside all the repair/modification work is done and the sanding and minor stuff is all but done. Then new headliner and new coat of paint along with entirely rewiring her, new instruments and the list goes on and on, but the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer the front of the freight train.


The next step is to roll her over and sand the hull, re-paint, re-antifoul and roll her back up the right way to top coat the deck. The pile of new fittings and things in the shed seems to be getting bigger and bigger.


Then we might be close to going sailing ..... at long long last.


Slowly slowly ... but she will be racing this coming season and to Cat3 which has been the plan all along. Guess should tell the boss sometime soon.

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great to hear its all coming along nicely, some pics would be great.


once you've got it finished you might have to put in on a ship and come over to do the worlds


the Motorboat is going to get some rather big interior mods this winter to make it better for cruising and lighter for racing, the best of both worlds, love those win/win situations!

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What do the interior mods involve Damon? Not sure if the Motorboat needs to be any faster for racing.............. :lol:


T.Rex mast damage from the nationals seems to be a bit more serious than first thought, riggers say a new mast tube is required, just need to see what the insurers think about it now.


Looking forward to seeing more pics of the Trainsmash work.

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Hey Smitty,


yeah i heard about the rig, thats a buggerl, im sure it will all work out


ok here is the summarised list,


Put a front berth in the bow, currently there is just a half bulkhead, it will probably involve moving that bulkhead aft 200mm.


Rebuild the toilet mount as i had to rip it all out to replace the toilet outlet valve and through hull fitting


Remove the floor from infront of the main bulkhead so its easier to bail the bilge (there is a small amnount of rot in it as well, nothing structual though)


Our main bulkhead is only a half (same as trainsmash), so im going to fill in the other half (same as marshy did in the mercenary to stiffen it up a bit)


Build a cabinet in between the new bulkhead and the stbd chain plate


Remove the cabaniet that is aft of the stbd chain plate


Lower the starboard seating as its about 30mm higher than the rest of the seating in the boat


Remove the permanent chiller that is under the the seat by the electrics


Put a shelf in the cubby hole that is under the electrics


Remove the 50L ss water tank that is built into the boat under the port seat


Extend the cockpit locker out to the side of the hull


Put in a bulkhead at the aft end of the quarter berths and make it water tight, then install a hatch in the deck in the back of the cockpit (under the tiller) to access the 'lazerette' that will be formed by the bulkhead.


Remove the last of the wooden trims and then repaint the whole interior


I reckon it'll take me about 3 months.


FYI i have the old galley that came with the boat if you want it at all , it is designed to be removable by bolting onto the main bulkhead. (I built a bigger one for cruising that is removable for racing)


I'll post some pics before i start so that what i wrote above makes sense, i wont be starting probably until september though, the house is currently getting in the way of the boat modification programme.

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Hi Smitty. Had a look at the T-Rex mast. Looked exactly the same damage that we did to T-Man in the nationals few years ago. Luckily the mast was about 80mm taller than the main lift so we cut back the compressions and then built a new mast crane. Bruce Elliot did all the work, made a great job and it still seems to be going strong today. Good luck with the repairs.

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