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The next winter series race day (Saturday 29th May) is the first of the Windward leewards, 3 races in one race day.

who is up for that one?


It'd be nice to see some of the less regularly raced 8.5's out -there is this weekend to sort stuff out for it.


Voom? Euphoria? Orient Express? Capricorn? Hooters? Penelope? Cubic?


I know Rental and Freedom are out for this one



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Can't let Tigre wrest that $100 off me now that I have it tightly in my grasp. :D

Hope it's blowing otherwise he will run me down downwind again :wtf: :wtf:

Haha... don't get used to holding on to it too tight John... as soon as I get the bl@@dy course right -ended up heading for Orakei and not North Head last time, I'll catch ya!


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We've been told the best way to learn the boat is to race it, so Jack and I will be entering this one as our first race. Hope creepy and putuki will be there ?


Indeed you are right there Matty!

Creepy will be there for sure with no hungover crew this time.. and im finally allowed out of work!! Yay!

We can finally have the long awaited 24ft Trimaran line up! :twisted:

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