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Nice Racing Clive, you have now passed me in placings, due to our unfortunate venture into windward leewards, :wtf: :wtf:

We seemed to have the pace, just let down by bad drops, etc


I will once again take the lead next race however, so I advise you not to spend that $100.

:sailor: :sailor:

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More.. alot more available on the website!

Which website?

The clue was in the pictures, was it knot?


Great shots, as Vagabond said. :thumbup:


Edit: there is a function on this site which is automatically changing the name of the site where the photos are located, to crew.org.nz instead. Hence Kathy from where she is really from.com in RyanT's post became Kathy from crew.org.nz. Go to the site as indicated by the image, then click on the gallery tab


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great pics ...thanks Ryan for teeing that up and Kathy Luv-my-boat for sitting in the photo boat in the cold and taking them.


None of 2/3rds of the whio crew in the water hanging off what remains of the forward tramp thankfully!

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