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Ctrl + Alt + Delete

The Salty Swallow :wtf:

Aboat Time

Breaking Wind

I love COCK…..tails

Sexual Heeling"


"Makin' Luff”

"A Crewed Interest"


"The Loan Ranger"


"Irritable Bow"

"Bow Movement"

"Sir Osis of the River"

"Vitamin Sea"


"Breakin wind"

""My Assiss Dragon"

"Wet Dream"

"Norwegian Woody"

Seen on a Catamaran, - "Double Penetration" :think: :sick:

"Cunning Stunts"

""Floating Seamen"

"Nauti Lust"


"Maid of Plywood"

"Runs With Scissors"

"Support the Right to Arm Bears "

"She Got the House"

"Pissed N Broke"

"Shoot Low They're Riding Chickens"

"pistol Dawn (said - Pissed til dawn)


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ok ... i have just had a mix of RUM and polyester ( it's quite good )

How about .... The ultimate Blue Job

Or as a side line Vini Vidi Vece ( latin .... meaning I came I soared I'm conkered )

cheers for that now back to the chemials

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