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Wind Turbines...?

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Sorry to take longer than I expected to get back with the results.

Righty, first off in the AirX unit there are four wires coming from the windings. So I am not sure how the windings are configured. Three wires go to three terminals at the centre of the PCB. By the way, the PCB's are encased in Epoxy, so I have no idea what's what inside. Those three terminals have really beafy diodes between, so must be the main rectifier. The fourth wire goes to a separate terminal, so I don't know what that does exactly. Remember that the circuit is MPPT and just how it does that I don't know, so maybe the fourth wire is some kind of sense wire, I don't know.

The voltage between the three wires, unloaded and spun at 1500RPM is 9-10VAC. The voltage between that fourth wire and any of the other three is 20VAC. I tried the same test on the Air Industrial and got exactly the same results. The unloaded unregulated output on the main two brushes at 1500RPM was 32VDC.

I hope that is helpful.

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