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2014 SSANZ SAS Series NZ Spars and Rigging 60 Race

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Navy Bouy at Browns Is is mentioned in your attachment but I didn't see anything about the Tiri one ?

Do you know something we should ?



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And they are off.


All clean starts with the Sporties and Multis stepped up the game from R1. Both fleets had boats within 100mm of the line and at pace when the gun went off. The X flag was twitching a few times :)


Borderline was at full pace and nailed the line dead spot on, man she was flying and looking damn smart doing it. Looked around to see Taiping flying a hull big time and thought...Opps here we go..... but she was fine. Stealth Mission looked mighty fine as they wound her up. 888 struck a imposing site and good to see her back. The multis got the best wind at their start so put on the best show..... bar the R40's trying to fly A sails when they probably shouldn't have been.


Nice but cool 10-12 from the SSW saw the fleets disappear pretty quick. If the weather holds it'll be a glorious day for them all and probably a quick trip.

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Coffee ordered, text safety boat driver to make sure he's up and I'm on the way to the ramp

Driving down the road, pass a lifejacket, bit further on here's another

Oh what i'll turn around and get them, probably some poor kid getting ready to go for a sail and no jackets

Get to the ramp no other boats around, oh well they can stay in the car and i'll figure out how to find the owner later

Wander down the ramp coffee in hand and here's our great leader, backed the boat down [he managed that] standing looking around the boat

Pass the coffee aboard and he comments, "i'm sure I put some lifejackets in here, now where are they"

I replied, they're in my car.

"How'd that work he asks" :wtf:


Now Guess Who. :wave:

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Wild Oats Race Report


What a difference 4 weeks makes, from the worst of days to the best of days for sailing.


Nailed a good start, mid line, clean air. Like many holding, up a furled code0 which looked good before the start but remained on the deck all race. Entertainer went past us like we were standing still and that was the last we and the whole fleet saw of them. Worked hard to protect our air, sometimes defending and sometimes dipping low to concede. Took the rhumb line down Waiheke which at time had me nervous we would make it but nowcasting was consistently telling us that the wind at passage was 30degrees west of the wind at Bean Rock, which it was.


Much discussion over which downwind sail to use and a late call to go masthead spinnaker, managed to sneak past Pakatoa without gybing, even conceding rights to a port boat to protect our line. We did the most perfect gybe and angle back in to Thumb Point, with great pace, catching waves and passing boats all over the place, even some Longhaulers that were going our way. Carried all the way to Thumb Point and dropped for the #1 genoa as we passed No Worries for the third time.


Soon discovered that was a bad move bit, overpowered, struggled a bit and listening to nowcasting, realising Bean Rock wasn't giving us any hope of the breeze fading, half way to Rakino changed to #3 and rounded Billy Goat point on No Worries butt, but they soon cleared out


Didn't feel good beating in, we were lower than we should have been and slow, well felt that way anyway, but we had no boats in our division visible behind us and a pack of Y88's coming through of which one plus a nose beat us to the line.


5th line, 2nd handicap and a huge improvement on race 1. Fantastic day for sailing and thanks to SSANZ team.

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Young 88 Post Race Report


Saturday's race was an example of short handed one design racing at its best. Great weather, good sized fleet of twelve boats, tactical course, difficult sail choices, lead changes and close battles all the way through the Young 88 fleet.




Congratulations for another bullet to Jacko on Sailor Moon just edging out Chris on Heaven 'n' Hell on the final beat up the harbour.



It was also great to see Vaughn bring Sweeney Todd "out of the shed" sailing through into third place on line, how does he do that.


Another highlight was Ben on the fast improving Dilemma right up there at the finish, old sails and all taking a well deserved first on handicap.


The battles continued all the way through the fleet with Rush just beating Cantilta by one second on elapsed time to avoid the "Most Sailing" prize. See photo below from Paddy off the SSANZ committee boat.



Also a nod to the handicapper with 11 seconds separating 2nd and 4th on handicap after seven hours of racing.



If you have a bit of time on your hands for more photos go to:


Live Sail Die's album here http://on.fb.me/1mAxHRz and


Ginger Photography's albums here http://on.fb.me/1sDfR4n and here http://on.fb.me/1sDfR4n


or Will Calver's album here/; http://on.fb.me/1kUv6qE


For more info go to the Young 88 event page on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/events/1476564759227799/


or SSANZ at http://www.ssanz.co.nz


and get your entry in now for the Evolution 100 by clicking here http://ssanz.co.nz/events/enterOnline.html?eventId=114


Once again big thanks to SSANZ and army of volunteers who get us out of our winter slumber for some inspiring time on the water

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What happened to Heaven and Hell, we crossed tacks with them and they looked to have it in the bag, then came back a few minutes later and were well behind with Sailor Moon comfortably in front. Bum Tack?


We ended up neck and neck with them on the line, they pipped us by a second. I'm not sure if the finish boat took our prod in account or not ;-) Just kidding they did a super tack underneath.


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Vooms NZ Spars and Rigging 60 Report


Much better forecast that the last race, and stunning day for it. We got a good start down to leeward in clear air. Borderline had a brilliant start, screecher out and flying a hull at pace on the gun. We had not used the little screecher before, so started with just a jib, everyone rapidly went past, so we unfurled and managed to almost hang on to freedom and stealth. The gusts were great fun, most multis doing nice bow down bearways each puff, great to watch and fun to deal with too. Managed to carry screechers all the way to the end of Waiheke, but our furl didn’t go well, a lot of flogging and some rips appeared in the leech. Dropped the half unfurled sail in a bit of a mess and just shoved it down the hatch.


Awful beat up to shag, but went around in very close company with stealth and freedom. A comparatively good kite hoist saw us sneak past both boats. It was quickly apparent we weren’t going to be able to carry the masthead kite for long, so peeled to the fractional. Stealth slipped past while we were doing that, but we managed to sail over them once we were sorted.. We carried out kite about halfway down the leg to tiri navy, stealth was 2 sailing on higher course. We came together a mile or so from navy buoy, with Stealth just boat lengths in front. They tacked immediately on the buoy, we went zooming past the stern, but I had not realised they were going backwards, the outboard out the back came uncomfortable close to our topsides….


An awesome 2 sail reach to the haystack, stealth pulled away and had a few 100 metres on us at the haystack. Couple of bad tacks from them and again, we were side by side. Both boats went for a sail change, as by now was far too windy for our #1 jibs. Ours went OK, theirs a little slower, so we managed to sneak away. Fun beat up the finish, with the ‘supermoon’ powered tide really giving us a boost into the harbour. Finished in just under 6 hours, 5th on line, 1st on hcap. Both of us pretty knackered at the finish, and pretty hungry and thirsty, not a lot of time for food and drink on such a fast course.


Thanks to SSANZ for a great sail, and to stealth and freedom for such close boat for boat racing.

Stephen C/Ginger Photography Photo below


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The Entertainer Shorthaul Sports report:


The stars seemed to align for us on Saturday. We were a bit worried with all the Code0's being prepped before the start as this is our Achilles heel. But as it turned out we were fine.


The Entertainer has always liked a two-sail reach and with the breeze off the start looking about 10-12 we popped on the #1. A decent start saw our nose out in the front row which just seemed to get better as we obviously had good pace. By Browns beacon we had a nice lead.


First thought was how to deal with the division ahead. We decided to go low instead of run the risk of getting caught in a dog fight as the front boats weren't that much slower. That and the thought was we'd benefit from better tide in close to Waiheke whilst the risk of not laying through didn't seem great. Pressure seemed sufficient to not make too big a deal of disturbed air. All up that seemed to work out ok. Had a nice visit from some small Dolphins along the way.


We got to the channel at the bottom end by slack tide which was good and the hoist and run were fairly uneventful apart from a messy gybe at Frenchman's Cap and possibly trying to pass a S34 a bit close for good manners. Another good gain came by going low past Hooks Bay and trying to stay in the breeze as we thought the next leg to Rakino should be an easy lay. We'd caught Namu and the 1220 at the front bunch of the previous division at this point.


I got a huge fright near Gannet Rock when a big grey whale breached about 30m ahead and to leeward coming straight at us. We jammed her upwind for a spell and the whale resurfaced about 60m behind us - I'm still having flashbacks!


Another 2sail reach saw us (amongst breaks for B&E, Pizza and Coke) trying to cling on to Namu and the 1220 but they slowly pulled away from us to be 1-200m ahead at Motutap where we changed down to the number 2 for the work home.


We were really pleased with our 1st SSANZ win! Great day on the water

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