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InterIslander....the other one

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I had to pick up a friend off the InterIslander today. It was the Kaitaki on her 8.30sailing from Wellington. I arrived a little early and decided to sit up the Hill over looking the harbor and watch it come in. The Bluebridge was in front and Docked OK and then in came the Kataiki. I thought wow they are swinging her around late, they must be really close to hitting the Dock surely. But I could see the Dock, so figured maybe it was an optical illusion thing and perhaps further away than I thought. They started backing in and I left the carpark and drove down to the Terminal to pick up the person. I entered the Terminal and noticed a Ferry leaving. That confused me for a sec till I realised it was the Kaitaki. It went right out of the Harbor and then stopped. A InterIslander guy came up beside me talking on his HH and when he finished, i asked if there was a problem. He replied that they think there is a problem with the Bow Thruster. Oh I said, that would be why the Stern came in so close, they couldn't push the Bow out. Yeah, he said, she came in a little close. So finally she came back in for another approach. She was backing down really slowly and I suspect that maybe they didn't have a Bow Thruster working as they were making full use the the Twin pitchable props to steer her. It took ages and she finally disembarked the passengers a full hr late. Talking to my Friend, they had trouble leaving Wellington as well and had to get an Electrician and left 20Min late. it also seemed like they had trouble steering the Ship out of the Harbor.

I have to say that if the Cpt had to back that thing in with just the two main props, well done. It's a tight fit into that Berth for that Vessel.

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The Kaitaki is out of action yet again. A Main Coupling on the shaft failed apparently. Blimey they are having a bad run.

While on the InterIslander topic. They have sent some staff off overseas to look for a new Ferry to replace the Arahura. She has just completed her 50,000th Cook straight crossing. You could almost say, they don't make em like they used to.

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