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Altex paint


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So I decided to paint my rudder. I went to the local boat shop, took their advice and bought some a

Altex primer/undercoat and topcoat, single pack. Easy!

I couldn't get a decent finish with the primer and had to do a lot of sanding/recoating/sanding before I was satisfied but I thought that was ok, it's the primer.

When I came to put on the topcoat, it was the same story. I tried, brush, roller, roll and tip, I just couldn't get a decent finish. I have brush marks, patches where the paint hasn't blended together proberly, blue specks, which I assume are bits of the pigment, even though I stirred the s**t out of the paint.

What am I doing wrong?

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Sorry to hear mate. Nothing worse than hard work like that no paying off. What kind of brush are you using? Did you brush only or roll and area and then lay off with the brush tip?

Blue bits in the paint? I hope it is blue paint. When you stir a tin, you don't go around and around, but sort of "lift" the paint from the bottom of the can with the stirring stick and make sure you have all the heavy stuff stuck on the bottom well stirred in.

When you painted the rudder, was it laying down horizontally or still on the boat vertically? Any vertical surface, lay off the coat by brushing up and down vertically. Don't brush across the panel horizontally.

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