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Duracore Plywood

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Duracore wasn't plywood it is a balsa core with a skin of wood either side. The one I used was 10mm end grain balsa with 1mm skin of Hoop pine each side. It was magnificent to use, I loved working with it and found it massively better than the cedar I used in the boat before that one. I'd never use cedar again.


You're not thinking of Gaboon plywood are you? Thats a lightweight one. The lightweight ply I'm using is from Gunnersons (spelling??) and what they called 'Exotic woods' or something like that. It seems the world has just about turned all it's Gaboons into plywood so they are moving to other timbers.


That ply is fine to work with, BS1088 so glued properly and light. Price was a lot better than I expected as well, a nice bonus. Nice colour as well so I'm going to clear finish the odd bit now.


I have some bits of you only need a little.

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No, Duracore was what I was after. Balsa with pine sounds right. The Marshall is full of it. Got any offcuts KM? I just need to make a couple of brackets for the emergency rudder, suitably carbon covered of course! :D :D

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Just so happens I may have some Duracore stashed somewhere.


What's more next weekend I'll be balls deep in carbon, foam and vacuum pumps so your timing is most opportune.


If no Duracore I do have assorted plys and foams. Wouldn't brackets like that be better out of ply anyway? A bit more core meat maybe?

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